Master Builders - Men’s Ministry (Mighty Men of Valour)

Master - adjective - a skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity. Builder - one who constructs by putting parts or materials together. When you put these two words together, you get an idea of the concept behind Master Builder's at Christ Full Gospel Fellowship. This group consists of men, sixteen years of age or older, and focuses on building.

Firstly to build our individual lives. To develop in the character of Christ, to grow in maturity and integrity, to build accountability, to build relationships that will allow each one to help build the other.

Secondly, we desire to build strong families. Families that will establish homes where Christ can be at the centre. Homes that are established in the love, security, peace, and harmony that Christ desires for us.

Thirdly, to build strong churches. Churches that are able to share the love of God, stand for righteousness, train disciples, and reach the world for Jesus Christ.

To build strong communities. Communities where righteousness is exalted, and law and order are embraced. Communities that provide a safe, healthy environment to raise children, and to engage in commerce.

In pursuit of these goals, the men meet for breakfast the first Saturday of every month, go on camping weekends, tackle work projects, cook lunch for the church, and other activities which provide times of both fun and refreshing.  

J.E.W.E.L.S. - Ladies Ministry

The J.E.W.E.L.'s at Christ Full Gospel Fellowship are women who are at least sixteen years of age. They meet at 8:00 a.m. on the first Saturday of every month. During this time, this group of ladies spend time building relationships with each other as well as the Lord, as they study principles from God's Word. This is also a time where they discuss and find ways to implement various projects to help fund mission outreaches. Whether organizing garage sales, making pies, hosting a tea, or implementing any number of other things, the women's ministry helps facilitate support for the local church as well as for orphanages and outreaches around the world.

These women prove themselves to be precious jewels, whose husbands can rise up and call them blessed.


The youth group consists of those members of the church who are from ten to eighteen years old.  They meet Friday nights from seven to nine, under the direction of David & Melissa Guenther, at the chruch. The evenings consist of solid Biblical instruction in a fun, safe, loving environment. Special events and outings, like conventions, pizza parties, work parties, sports, and games nights, along with church involvement, give many opportunities to learn and grow in Christian character. These activities also become times to invite others to experience the Jesus life. Many of the youth from Christ Full Gospel Fellowship have enjoyed involvement in various mission trips and opportunities that are offered through Victory Churches International.

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